My name is John Musick and I am a father, writer, revealist, speaker, consultant, seeker, eco-enthusiast & radio personality.

This blog is a collections of thoughts, interests, encouragements and revelations from my heart, mind, soul, humor and whatever else I happen to find lying around.


As a writer, spiritual polymath and pop culture savant, I intend to use this blog to prime the pump of my writing and to exercise my connectivity to the web world.


I’ve been employed as a pastor, steelworker, emergency room technician, blood-drawer, neuro-intensive care technician, funnel cake manufacturer, book writer and pizza delivery boy.

I’ve worked with mentally retarded adults, sold air conditioners, taken and given plasma, driven fork-trucks, delivery trucks and fire trucks (well that last one is a lie).

I’ve worked in churches, hospitals, carnivals, bible colleges, college dormitories, warehouses, group homes and on heli-pads (that last one is actually the truth).

I have spoken at retreats, living rooms, conferences, church services, weddings, baby dedications, baptisms and one funeral.

Despite all of the things I have done to make a living, the activity that has paid me the most has been in raising my two daughters, Madelyn & Michaela.


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