Four Life Lessons

Oscar Del Ben is a young Italian programmer and personal development guru who I ran across over a year ago. Oscar gleans from the teachings and experiences of others and shares how he’s applied them to his life. He’s not particularly philosophical or contemplative – Oscar is a doer and his pragmatism is the key to his appeal to me.  I find his simple and clear direction and his experimental nature to be quite refreshing. I get this sense that Oscar isn’t sitting around trying to think of deep things to say, instead, he’s constantly trying and testing things and applying them to his life. Not content to just exist, Oscar uses his life as a laboratory for exploring how to live a simple, full and effective life. For example, Oscar  has experimented with waking up at 5AM, living without a car, even napping. A frugal minimalist and self made man, Oscar share’s these four simple life lessons in his blog Freestyle Mind:


Farnoosh Brock invited me to write a post about what I learned in my life as a part of the life lesson series post. I figured that there would be too much I’d have to write here, so instead I’ll just write about four single factors which I believe are really important:
  1. Laziness is evil. What I really don’t want in my life is to die knowing that I didn’t do what I dreamed about only out of fear or laziness. Life is one, and it’s up to you how to live it. Don’t waste it.
  2. If you don’t do it, nobody will do it. I read somewhere that some of us are lazy because when we were young our parents were helping us in everything we did, so now we subconsciously think that everything is going to work like magic. That’s not true. We are the only one responsible foreverything that happens in our life, and it’s up to us to change if we want to.
  3. Delayed gratification is the path to freedom. Everything good in life needs patience and time. Unfortunately we live in a society where we want everything now, even though it rarely works out that way. If you want anything worth something, you need to allow some time for it to happen.
  4. Blaming is useless. Self discipline is the way to go. Self discipline is probably the most important skill you can learn. You need discipline to work on your most important tasks and avoid distractions. Self discipline is a skill that you learn with practice, and it’s probably the single most important secret to success.

I can think of many other things that I consider important, but I’m more curious to hear about your life lessons. Feel free to add your comment below and join the discussion.


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