Thoughts on Love

“Because, that’s the thing about love, really. No one will love you how you want to be loved, they’ll love you in the only ways they know how. Life throws everyone down drastically different paths so how can we expect everyone to love in the same way? The person you’ll spend your lifetime with will love you in their way and you’ll love in yours, and maybe you’ll meet in the middle and it’ll last. None of us know what we’re doing, you see, we’re just fumbling for matches in the dark. If you’re lucky, you might eventually just strike the right one.”

by Basher Tome from


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One Response to Thoughts on Love

  1. This isn’t wrong as a practial observation, but it falls very short.

    You see there IS a definition of love. The author chooses to believe that there is no ultimate definition of love. Perhaps that is because his experience has only shown him many varying broken and incomplete expressions of love.

    But God IS love. Everything that exists in God, humility, selflessness, faithfulness (even when the object of our love is unfaithful), power to overcome… It’s all part of love.

    We will not automatically love this way. We are broken.

    In my experience, I have found a solution, a way to love with this kind of love. It is a love that is always what the other person needs. This love begins to spring from within us once we have received this love from the source, from God. Through supernatural experiences we are washed and healed by God’s love. This doesn’t typically happen all at once but over time through many encounters with the powerful love of God.

    Our transformation does not come from knowlege but experience. You may believe that God loves you but when you experience that love something inside of you is reborn. You may not even realize that you are different. But, you will love differently, more completly, more honestly, more selflessly…

    The Great Spirit is light. He shines on us and from within us. He shows us the match to strike. He reveals the way to hold it without being burned. And He fuels the fire to burn brighter and brighter.

    There is one love, one true love. It is the quest to know God that ends with true love.

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