Church in the Inventive Age

My friend Doug has written a new book that will be coming out soon. Already, there is some buzz going on about it.

Those that know Doug know that he is a provocateur. His views on life and ministry are a lot like his mind, always in motion and looking forward. The great thing that I am finding in his new work, is that it is his most helpful and dare I say –  pastoral – book yet. He harmonizes his contrarian temperament with a genuine concern for the relevance of Christianity and has produced a very insightful and helpful tool for the church.

Read chapter one here. See the facebook page here.

Here’s what other clever people are saying:

OK, even if Doug Pagitt weren’t a proven, true friend, and even if I didn’t agree enthusiastically with this book, and even if I wasn’t confident that it will help thousands of churches get (and get in on) what’s going on, I would still say that it’s so smartly written, so clearly framed, and so winsomely presented that it deserves your time, money, and attention. If you’ve never read Pagitt before, start here, and if you have, this might be his best work yet.
— Brian D. McLaren

“Brilliant” is not a word I use very often in describing a book, but I am using it with this one. Church In The Inventive Age is brilliant in its conciseness and economy of words, its clarity and its insights. But beyond all that, it’s alive–alive with pregnant possibilities and with obvious applications. It’s a “must read” for every pastor and lay person concerned with Church in our times.
–Phyllis Tickle

I’ve known and liked Doug Pagitt for more than a decade. I can never read him or have a long conversation with him without two things becoming apparent: we don’t always agree and I never fail to learn something. Doug is the rare person who has the fundamental intelligence to wade into the deep waters of culture change and then bring us at least into the shallow parts so we can begin to explore with him and adjust our thinking for what he calls The Church In The Inventive Age.
–Todd Hunter
Anglican Bishop
Founder: Churches For The Sake Of Others
Author: Christianity Beyond Belief, Giving Church Another Chance, The Outsider Interviews

I always appreciate it when someone offers a compact theory for understanding an issue. Doug clearly demonstrates how the church, whether we like it or not, is in the world and does, in different ways, reflect its cultural milieu. But he goes on to concisely challenge us to not be of the world by inventing news ways of being the church. A very helpful little book!
–David Hayward, aka ‘nakedpastor’

“Here’s a little book full of big ideas about where we’ve been and where we’re going. There’s something in here for almost everyone to disagree with. Which makes it a great catalyst for conversation.”
–Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, author of God’s Economy and The Wisdom of Stability

Just finished your book. It seems your book may be the Manifesto we’ve
been waiting for.

While many of us long for a community of faith to experience God in new
ways, we don’t want to upset or ostracize the old guard. Yet, in our
efforts not to rock the boat when we ask for changes and see the fearful
reactions–we hang back so far that eventually we disappear. Walking away
sometimes out of frustration or anger at the hypocrisy, sometimes out of
fear that our presence will destroy what is already there, and has been
there for sometimes more than 100 years. Your book offers a history lesson
that supports our sense of the shift we feel happening within Churches,
within ourselves with regard to our spirituality. Your book is a guide for
us to take into this new frontier. It is a book that assures us, “Hey,
you’re not crazy for feeling this way. It’s happening all over the place,
not just inside of you.” Thank you for that!

–Lori Anne Yang


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  1. Nicole says:

    Happy to have you back writing 🙂

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