Wound & Soul Care

Recently a friend posed the following question: “Does time really heal wounds?” The treatment for wounds to the body are quite parallel to to those in healing damage to the soul. As I began to ponder that question and having some experience in dealing with both physical wounds as well as soul wounds, I formulated this care plan:

Wound & Soul Care Treatment Plan

1. Assess the severity of the injury: If there is debilitating pain, loss of feeling, loss of use, profuse and/or unstoppable bleeding; seek trained attention immediately. Life saving medicine, surgery or therapies may be required. Ignoring pain could lead to permanent damage or death.

2. Clean the wound: All dirt and debris must be removed to prevent infection, promote healing and reduce scarring. Lavage with copious amounts of clean water but sometimes painful debridement may be required to remove stubborn detritus that is stuck to the injury.

3. Protect the wound: One must guard against re-injury and contamination to ensure healing and to minimize permanent scarring. Covering the wound may be helpful in the beginning stages of healing, but be careful not to smother the injury as this can actually inhibit healing and prolong pain. Rest, immobilization and  exposure to air is recommended. Elevate if at all possible.

4. Know the cause of injury: This may seem obvious, but one may have to make significant changes to one’s behavior in order to prevent the same injury from occurring again and again.

5. Restore activity and return to use: After the healing process is at work, slowly begin to expose the injured area to normal operation. This will help with elasticity and prevent atrophy that could result in the need for long term therapy and debilitation to the affected area, for example; a limp. Go slow and deliberately, use caution or you may rip the wound open thus causing intense pain, permanent damage and major scarring.

What do you think?




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