I’ll Never Be Cooler Than……

There are moments of reflection when one realizes that they’ll never be as cool as they want to be. It’s humbling, sure, but you can’t give up. We should never stop reaching for that ever elusive cool, but be careful that you don’t over reach. Trying too hard to exceed your caste of cool can be disastrous, because in the words of one of the coolest guys that you’ll never be as cool as, Harry Callahan: “A man has to know his limitations.”

With that in mind, I submit to you,  a short sampling of people I’ll never be cooler than (click on their pic to reveal their coolness):

Tim DeLaugther of the Polyphonic Spree

Bonus coolness:  DeLaughter and company have church with 70,000 Japanese here.

Michael Schenker

Want more from the most ripped-off  greatest guitar player you’ve never heard of? 2009 Schenker here.

Robert Palmer - need I say more?

Even in the 70’s, Palmer was cool, see here.

Tom Ford - designer

Being gay has no bearing on Ford’s utter coolness, women still want him and men still want to be him.

Mark Scandrette - ReImagineer

Read more on this God guru of cool here.

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