A Sermon Worth Hearing

If you are a church goer and willing to admit it, most people like the church they attend. If they don’t, they usually don’t talk about it.

If you’re like me, I always feel awkward when people boast about their church or brag about how great their pastor is. There’s always an unavoidable Amway-avoid-the-Kool-ade vibe.

However, when “normal” people find something that they enjoy, they talk about it. And this should be no different for our houses of worship and faith communities we call home.

With that said, let me tell you about the sermon I heard on Sunday. Keep in mind that I am a former pastor who is detoxing from ministry. I’ve heard dozens of Easter sermons and have preached a dozen or so myself. So for me, the bar is fairly high. But what’s funny, in writing that last sentence, I realize that I have become what I have always hated as a Senior Pastor:

A consumer Christian that comes to church to be served his spiritual goods and services (“You better rock-me song leader & I hope you brought your ‘A’ game preacher boy!”) – yikes!

I say all of this to really say, that this past Sunday, I heard one of the best Easter sermons I’ve heard in my life time. Now in the interest of full disclosure, Jeff has been a peer and friend of mine for quite some time and he, his wife and Mercy Vineyard have been instrumental to the health of my soul this past year – so you could say I’m a little biased. So as honest as I can be, his Easter sermon was rich, practical and challenging. If you’re skeptical, listen for your self:

Resurrection and Your Quest for Joy by Jeff Heidkamp


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