Transforming April

I dub thee April: The month of change!

All this month I will focus on articles, blog links and my own work on the topic of change. I’ll still throw in the regular clever-as heck-chaff in between “real” posts.

Merging Obsession

Now if you’ve been reading some of my own blog stuff you can probably tell that I’m a bit obsessed with this whole idea of transformation. To me, it’s like your first car; before you never really paid that much attention to that make, model and color and now – you see it everywhere! But it seems to my eyes and heart that transformation is one of the chief tenants of every spiritual practice. It certainly is in my home tribe of Christianity. In the Old Testament, God is constantly changing people’s names in prophetic suggestion of what they will become. In the New, Jesus prescribes a metamorphic ”born again” process and exhorts us to be baptized in the Holy Ghost and with fire! All of which seem to be intensely modifying to one’s life.

The Change Compulsion

Perhaps I’ve grown tired in seeing the same patterns surface in my life over and over. Maybe it’s part of some kind of mid-life crisis that is driving me to live the second half of life better than the first? It could be the hopeful optimist in me that yearns for to evolve into a better more ideal man. What if it is my inner pragmatist who doesn’t want to waste the current crisis of my life and that by leaning into every transformative experience I will emerge stronger, happier and more fulfilled. It may be the A.D.D. creative side of my personality that views ongoing change as an opportunity to create a new and better me. And maybe, just maybe it is my creator, calling me toward him, drawing me to become new because he alone knows what will truly make me fulfilled.

‘Nuff Said, Godspeed,



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