It’s April & It’s Time to Go For It!

So this week begins a new month.

In my mental calendar, I seem to group and separate the months of the year around the circadian rhythm of the seasons.  In my mind map, April is the first month of the spring season (keep in mind, I live in Minneapolis. When I lived in St. Louis, spring began in March).

In April, you know winter is gone for good. You begin to actually feel the heat from the sun radiating upon your face. The snow has melted and the brown is being replaced by green and gortex by bare skin. Cloudy days no longer trigger depression as you now know that sun does indeed shine above them clouds.

As we enter this new month and this new season and new life blooms all around us, it seems like a good time to think about how the newness of life we want in our lives.

April is great month to do a 30 day challenge. To commit to make some kind of positive change over the next 30 days.

Take a little time and think about some transformational changes you’d like to see occur in your life.  Don’t think about difficulty, there will be time to consider the practical stuff. Go ahead, dream a little! What do you want to happen this month? What great plan or dream is awaiting to be hatched? New creative project? A new relationship with food? An exercise routine? Lifestyle change? Romantic interest? Spiritual pursuit? Go for it, all of nature is on your side today!

What transformational challenge would you like to pursue?

What’s stopping you?

Photo used without permission nor guilt. Photo credit: Faith Eskola

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revealist, writer, speaker, consultant, life-coach, polymath
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