Article Aggregate

In this post I’ve linked several articles that I’ve found compelling. Take a few minutes, do a little clicking with me and enjoy!

The Problem of Christian Sex
HT to Makeesha Fisher for this insightful and provocative article by Rob Asghar. Here’s a taste; “Forget the tired notion that Christians are “against” sex. They’re as wildly for it as anyone… Christians simply have an idealized notion of sex and relationships, one that’s increasingly divorced from the reality and the direction of the larger society.” Read the full article here.

John Piper’s Leave of Ministry
John Piper, prolific author, evangelical influencer and pastor of Minneapolis’ Bethlehem Baptist Church recently announced that he is taking an eight month leave of ministry to address issues in his marriage stating that, “the precious garden of my home needs tending”  and in seeing sever species of pride within in is soul,  “to make war with his own sins.”  Article from Desiring God is here and the sermon is here.

Saving Private Jesus
In a recent post at Don Heatley’s blog, Ex Nihilo, Don writes about the urgency and need Christ in our lives. Check it out here.

The Perils of Procrastifectionism
This timely blog post deals with how we may sometimes put off doing things because we fear that we cannot do them perfectly. Can anyone else relate? Read it here.

How Different Generations View and Engage Charismatic and Pentecostal Christianity
Boy, that title just rolls of the the tongue, doesn’t it? Regardless, this chunky title from Barna research is self explanatory of the report and quite interesting. Read it here.


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