10 Bad Habits & What They Cost You

O.K., so tax season is upon us.  You know how much you make, but are you sure you know where it is going?

From Wallet Pop:

Enjoying Cokes or gossip magazines don’t make you a bad person. But they might make you a bad spender. These closet pastimes are all too often taken to excess, worming their way into our daily lives until they become a part of the routine.

How much are you daily habits costing you? Calculating the accumulated price of a daily expense is easy. Fully comprehending how much is actually leaking out of your bank account over time is much more difficult to come to terms with.

Even if you partake of the cheapest version of all of the classic bad habits in the gallery that follows, you’ll have thrown away a total of $12,288.50 over the course of a year. Get out a calculator. This is gonna hurt.

Check out this great article that examines the little foxes of bad habits that spoil the vine of your finances:

10 Bad Habits & What They Cost You


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One Response to 10 Bad Habits & What They Cost You

  1. Brent says:

    Ouch, convicted! I’m trying to get better at this!

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