Random Thoughts of Future Divorcee

These are the random thoughts that roll around a divorcee’s mind:

  • If I were a better person, she would have never left.
  • Am I really screwing up my kids?
  • When will I have sex again…with who?
  • Does God really think less of me because I’m getting a divorce?
  • How come there are no attractive single women my age?
  • Is it bad that I’m glad she’s gone?
  • Will my kids blame me for this?
  • If I knew what I know now, would I have stayed with her?
  • I seemed to be looking for a reason to punch somebody…anybody.
  • Do people think I caused this because I was secretly a horrible husband?
  • What would I do if she wanted to come back?
  • I hope this sense of relief never leaves.
  • I really need to connect more deeply with Jesus.
  • Who am I?
  • How would people feel if they knew I had a girlfriend?
  • Can I be a better husband next time?
  • Why do I care what other people think?
  • I was either just being flirty or creepy.
  • Would I feel the same if I were rich?
  • I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes next time.
  • Life is going to be better!
  • Is this really happening to me?

About johnmusick

revealist, writer, speaker, consultant, life-coach, polymath
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