A True Life Story

It’s been a wild and stressful couple of weeks for the girls and I. Our time at our apartment had come to an end. Little did I know that we would find ourselves living in community with incredible peaceful people, in an amazing house and in a great neighborhood. Upon sharing all of this with a friend, he commented, “This is really great John, your girls are going to be able tell this story: ‘Remember the time after Mom and Dad got divorced, we did this community living thing in a mansion with these cool Irish people.’ This story will be theirs forever!”


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revealist, writer, speaker, consultant, life-coach, polymath
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One Response to A True Life Story

  1. Steven White says:

    You always seem to surprise me John. It is wonderful to know that life is still worth living and you are still a wonderful dad. I think another memory will be of there dad holding their family together with strength and the courage to trust God even when he had every right to say the hell with it. I admire you man.
    From one charismatic to another.

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