Quotes of the Week

“The biggest ecological impact you have on the planet is through your choices of what you eat.  A Prius driving meat eater has more of an environmental footprint than a vegetarian driving a hummer.

John Robbins author of  ‘Food Revolution’

“You’d save more water by not eating a pound of California beef than you would by not showering for an entire year”

Soil & Water specialists at the University of California


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4 Responses to Quotes of the Week

  1. karilynnbryant says:

    Is California beef, grassfed? We just ordered a cow…we’re going to split it with a friend. It’s completely grassfed and out in the sun and gets to eat bugs and stuff. No antibiotics, not kept with a lot of other cows, and I guess they would look quite skinny compared to the cows fed grain and corn and hormones, but I don’t know about the water thing? Is that because of the pollution or because of the processing or ?? Maybe I should read the article? 😉

    • johnmusick says:

      That quote about the water usage to produce beef really shocked me. I think when you consider in the quantity of water needed in growing the feed, sustenance for the cows and providing for their hygiene that’s a lot of water! Plus, in large factory farms and with water being cheap and plentiful I’m sure there is a lot of waste. Not to mention the water needed to process the beef. Aside from going vegetarian (which I am not advocating) I think what you and Luke are doing is really the best possible way. It’s better for the environment, better for the cow, better for you, overall may even be cheaper and arguably the meat tastes better! I think a hidden value is the increased enjoyment from knowing that your food is as healthy as possible. I know a couple up here in Minneapolis that has a grass fed cattle company, they’re great people and have an informative website (http://grassfedcattleco.com). One a larger scale, if more of us did what you guys are doing, the world would slowly change for the better!

  2. Michael Jones says:

    mary had a little lamb then she had some veal… that another story. Hi. John i hope you are well. You might have forgoten who i am, I’d seen your comment on Carl’s facebook page awhile ago and thought i’d say hi.Sun is out sure to get warmer soon

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