43 Simple Ways to Simplify Your Life

Whether it is my home, my car, my schedule or even my soul – like a tenacious weed, clutter suffocates and drains away the good and nourishing things of life. And like a weed, it takes intentional and diligent effort to keep it in check. Simplicity is the antidote of clutter. Check out these great ideas from  http://www.zenfamilyhabits.net:

“Simplicity. How can we make things simpler, more streamlined, or more efficient? Is this all just hype or is there actually something to this simplicity thing?

Reducing complexity in my life has reduced stress, increased free time, and top priorities are actually top priorities. When we simplify as much as we can we are better able to slow down and enjoy each moment as opposed to rushing through it. Here are a few ways you can simplify the various aspects of your life:”

1. Turn off your cell phone.

2. Process email only twice a day.

3. Go to bed early.

4. Get rid of (or at least reduce) commitments that you do out of obligation.

5. Create a weekly meal plan.

6. Automate your finances.

7. Purge as much unneeded clutter as possible.

8. Keep your paper shredder on top of your recycling bin.

9. Add items you want to a wish list as you think of them.

10. Get a label maker or write labels out by hand.

11. Set your clothes out for the next day the night before.

12. Make your lunch for the next day the night before.

13. Make time to catch up with an old friend.

14. Just say no.

15. Ask for experiences not things for your birthday and Christmas this year.

16. Tell the truth.

17. Keep your list of addresses and phone numbers up to date.

18. Consolidate debt.

19. Create an organizing system that works for you.

20. Keep a bag for garbage in your car.

21. Cary a notebook and pen with you where ever you go.

22. Unsubscribe from emails, newsletters or RSS feeds that don’t provide value anymore.

23. Apologize immediately when you realize you’ve done wrong.

24. Enjoy the present moment as much as you can.

25. Take time to really see the little things in life.

26. Reduce the amount of TV you watch.

27. Get outside.

28. Create morning, daytime, and evening routines.

29. Ask for help.

30. Do things at home as much as possible (eat, date nights, entertain etc.).

31. Don’t get caught up in other people’s drama.

32. Let go of the self-imposed need to be perfect.

33. Focus on a simple, but healthy, eating plan.

34.  Share responsibilities.

35. Reduce your wardrobe to a few versatile items.

36. Be positive.

37. Start a gratitude journal.

38. Finish old tasks before taking on new ones.

39. For every new item that enters your home set two free.

40. Want what you have not what you don’t.

41. Revisit what you carry with you in your purse or wallet.

42. Focus on one thing at a time.

43. Store new garbage bags at the bottom of your garbage can.


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2 Responses to 43 Simple Ways to Simplify Your Life

  1. Kari says:

    14, 16, and 23 are my favorite. Good ideas…do you think it’s possible to do all of these? I would love to be more organized and simple, but it seems overwhelming just to get started. I think I can focus on these three for now, but I am definitely going to be revisiting this post. 🙂 I’m curious about which of these are important to you?

  2. johnmusick says:

    For me #24: Enjoy the present moment, #36: Be positive & 42: Focus on one thing at a time, would be a few of my priorities. I think they would help me spiritually and organizationally.

    On the onset, it is overwhelming we think about living more simply and getting organized. I feel those emotions too. But I think that this apprehension is evidence that my life is too cluttered and that I really do need to simplify!

    I think you’re on the right track. 42 is impossible, but 2 or 3 is achievable. One suggestion I have, is to take a few of these and maybe some other resolution or life change you’d like to make and try earnestly for a month. Then try to do a few different ones the next month. So instead of making a big long list of resolutions for the whole year, focus on a few resolutions every month. There may be one or two that you’d like to carry over, like: read more, pray, exercise, etc. Then each month you will be attempting to grow in a new way rather than dragging the same resolutions through the year. Keep in mind that we want to create a “Way” of living and that you glorify God when you’re happy and bless the lives of those around you.

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