Renewal & Resolution: What, Where, How?

It has to start somewhere It has to start sometime
What better place than here, what better time than now?

Oscar Wilde said, ”A cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.”  I know there are many people that have a cynical attitude about New Year’s resolutions. I have reservations about them myself. I’m no more a fan of simple and shallow efforts aimed at large and complex problems than you are. But what I am a big fan of is transformation. That and manatees, but there will be plenty of time to discuss the manatees later.

Many of us are hindered in our lives by regret.  We’re stuck on the hamster wheel of our own personality. When we look at ourselves, we fail to see our own true beauty and instead we see nothing but our poor decisions, ugly failures and lack of courage. I’m convinced that a large number of regrets that taint our reflection are not only preventable but result from barely hidden patterns of behavior that are easily healed if identified. This is a season of renewal and the iron gets cooler with each passing day, so let’s forge a fresh new direction before last year’s funk catches up with us!

In my last post I shared the notion that if we’re looking to pursue transformation in this new year, we should first look to the obvious sources of unhappiness in our lives. In todays post, I propose looking into 7 spheres that make up most of our human experience. Let’s dig deep and examine each one, searching and asking how we can better sow happiness therein and thus reap a more fulfilled, complete and regretless life.

Now before we dive into the list, let’s make this a practical exercise. After all, isn’t that a major complaint about New Years resolutions; ‘lots of thought with little application?’ So if were serious about living remarkably different lives this year, let’s go at it seriously , let’s make it an event.

Set apart some time when you can be alone. Perhaps early in the morning before you begin your day, or late at night after everyone is tucked in. Find a place where it is quiet and where you won’t be disturbed. You’re digging deep here, so let’s set a mood. You might want to take a nice, long, hot bath before hand, or imbibe in a glass of wine. Whatever you have to do to set a tone of relaxation and introspection. Dim the lights, light a candle or two. Put on some quiet, meditative music. Perhaps something classical, or something with some vibe (I recommend ”Insides” by Jon Hopkins or “Happiness” by Riceboy Sleeps. Also, I’ve found the “Pure Relaxation” CD’s at that audio kiosk at Target to be surprisingly good).   Now get a sheet of paper and number it from 1 to 7.  Quiet yourself and read each one of the spheres. But don’t just plow through them. Read one and pause, giving you time to evaluate how you feel.  Allow images and emotions to pass through you. What are your initial thoughts? How does your body feel? Are you tensing up and where? Ask yourself, “where in this sphere of life am I happy and where am I unhappy?”  Then write specifically what that is. Remember, this is an exercise of grace – not a bitch list. Nobody’s life is perfect. We’re not making a list of things we could do better, that would be endless. We’re searching for sources of discord and pain. We are panning for gold here and picking out the stones. Let’s go through the list. Alright, begin.

The 7 Spheres

  1. Health: Our mental & physical health.
  2. Relationships: Includes our spouse, romantic, children, sibling, work, parents & friends.
  3. Purpose: This is our education, job, career and volunteering
  4. Service: Where are giving ourselves for the betterment of others?
  5. God: Our spiritual connection with the divine (or lack thereof).
  6. World: Our connection to our environment and the lives of others who do not live near us.
  7. Creativity: Where are we able to use the special gifts and talents to create beauty in this world we live?  Remember, creativity isn’t always artistic.

Next time, we’ll talk about what to do with your list and how we can take some practical steps toward transformation.

By the way, feel free comment and make you’re own observations.

‘Nuff Said, Stay Tuned In, Godspeed,



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