Renewal & Resolution

Those that know me know that I hold a near sacramental view of New Years. There’s something about the opportunity to put the past behind us and to step into a fresh new year free and clear with an invigorated commitment to live a better life that just seems so Jesus. And believe me, after the year I’ve had…I’m ready for some redemptive newness!

Now I realize that it’s just another day. Nothing divine happens when the clock strikes 12…that is unless you want it to! Yes, I propose that somehow New Years, with it’s momentum and emphasis on personal change can be a very significant time when we soberly examine ourselves and resolve to practically live changed lives.

Over the next few posts, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on bringing renewal and resolution to our lives in the new year. Stay tuned, Godspeed.


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revealist, writer, speaker, consultant, life-coach, polymath
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